At Casco, safety is a fundamental part of our culture. We are committed to keeping every client, subcontractor, and employee safe on the jobsite and make sure they all go home to their families.

Starting and completing a project safely begins before our field employees step into the workplace. Every employee is trained and certified in CPR, First Aid, and Portable Fire Extinguishing. All field employees participate in a 30-hour Occupational Safety and Health Act Training to expand their education of recognizing, avoiding, and preventing safety and health hazards on the job site.

Even on the job site our Core Values are present every day. We pride ourselves in efficient problem solving, respecting our client’s space, maintaining “wow” worthy jobsites, proudly displaying Casco banners, and holding all team members accountable for their responsibilities.

With a strong foundation and emphasis in safety, our teams are able to focus on completing projects on time and under budget.

“There isn’t a job so important or any service so urgent that we cannot make time to work safely. We consider the safety of our personnel to be of greatest importance, and expect our employees’ to fully participate in making our safety program work.”

Cheryl Osborn, President