Value Proposition Pillars

Innovative Technology

The use of Procore helps increase the efficiency and transparency between the office and the field.

Ultimate Flexibility

In construction not everything is straightforward and clear-cut; at Casco we understand there is no one way to complete a project and always take numerous circumstances into account. We pride ourselves on our team’s, Project Manager’s, and subcontractor’s ability to adapt and work together to solve any problems that may arise on the jobsite.

Trustworthy Team

With over 100 years of combined experience, Casco’s team is armed with the knowledge and expertise to deliver our clients high quality and outstanding results. Our qualified and seasoned Project Managers and Superintendents are there every step of the way, giving 110% into our client’s projects.

Guaranteed Quality

The utilization of Zero Punch™ aims to eliminate leftover punch items that hinder our client’s experience working with Casco. We are dedicated to completing projects to Casco’s already high standards but also to the vision of our clients. With every project Casco takes on, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards, as well as every one of our subcontractors we partner with.

Strategic Scheduling

At Casco we understand how important it is to have your workplace up and running so we pay extra attention to budget and timing to ensure our client is back in their space without delay. Whether it is completing a project in different phases or working on the weekends, we devise schedules that best fit our client and their company in order to cause the least amount of disruption to their workplace.

Continuous Communication

Our innovative technology allows our team members have the capability to give our clients, architects, and subcontractors constant, real time updates on projects. Our transparency made possible through Procore has resulted in over 90% of return customers and thousands of successful projects.

Problem Solving

Finding solutions using strategic out of the box thinking, resource management, or just plain hard work is something we do best here at Casco. We strive to be the solution creators and look for every opportunity we can exercise our problem solving abilities before they become issues.