A Message From Our CEO & Founder

Welcome to Casco Contractors

Today, most of our teams are working at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but someday soon the shelter-in-place orders will be lifted, and we'll all be heading back to work.

What will that day look like? And what can you do to ensure your employees feel safe coming back?

Casco Contractors & Design Studio Can Help

We’ll make immediate upgrades to your facilities to help prevent the spread of germs and promote social distancing

We’ll help you adjust space plans and upgrade conferencing capabilities to make remote work more conducive

We’ll help you prepare your space for the future and a new normal in office productivity.


“We’ve heard your concerns and are committed to keeping your employees safe, healthy and ready to get back to work when the ban is lifted.”

— Cheryl Osborn, CEO and Founder Casco Contractors

Back to Work Six-Point Assessment

To get started, we’re offering a complementary assessment of our office space if you need any of the following modifications:


Identify areas at risk for virus contamination along with recommendations for improvements to get you to the level of safety you are seeking


Assess existing density, furniture layout and employee interaction along with a plan on how to accommodate changing requirements in a post COVID-19 world


Recommend ways to make your space more friendly to a virtual workforce


Provide any other health and safety recommendations to improve your workspace


Identify capital improvements that can be made while your offices are mostly unoccupied


Provide scenario planning for shrinking or growing your workforce


Our Offerings


Our Casco Back to Work initiative features three distinct offerings to make your workspace as safe and healthy as possible.


Immediate upgrades to make your workspace healthier on day 1.

Pre-sterilizing existing workplace per CDC requirements

Create package drop-off quarantine and sterilization stations

Install “no touch” faucets in break-rooms and restrooms

Install automatic restroom door openers and closers & provide “hold opens” at office entry or door-release button at reception

Provide HEPA filters at all supply and return air grilles to limit spreading of virus

Install permanent hand sanitizing stations throughout the space


Space-plan analysis and workstation upgrades to ensure employees work and interact at a safe distance.

Recommend any relocation of workstations

Provide privacy screens or dividers between bench-style workstations & collaborative workspaces

Re-arrange or add existing collaborative areas to maximize space

Determine number of people allowed in shared spaces (conference rooms, break rooms, reception, etc.) at one time to allow for social distancing

Introduce shared-office capabilities

Create signage reminders of the 6-foot social distance recommendation


Optimize facilities and make capital improvements to enhance virtual meeting capabilities and adjust to the new normal in your workplace.

Analyze what work can be done immediately and what work will require building or electrical permits to perform

Add additional conference rooms with state-of-the-art virtual capabilities

Retrofit existing conference rooms and install new conferencing technology

Adjust your office footprint to accommodate any growth or reduction in your workforce

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