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Laura's House

Cheryl Osborn and Lauras House Orange Country

Laura’s House is an organization based in Orange County dedicated to helping women and children suffering from domestic violence by providing shelter, support, education, and counseling. In addition, they also offer a crisis hotline available 24/7 and legal services to hundreds of women and children every year. Cheryl has been on the Board of Directors for 3 years and the facilities committee for 3 years.

As a member of the facilities committee Cheryl contributes to updating and securing the shelter’s surroundings. This includes building fences, upgrading public areas, and attending fundraising galas. Cheryl is a firm believer that every woman and her family needs a chance to thrive in a safe environment. Domestic abuse is a serious threat and Laura’s House provides a safe space that not only supports, heals, and empowers individuals and families, but also educates the community to prevent abuse and helps eradicate the tragedies of domestic abuse. Casco is proud to be a part of Laura’s House’s mission to establish a domestic violence free community.

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