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Building a Greener Future

Casco leads the way with environment-friendly initiatives

At Casco, we understand that our industry and activities can have a significant impact on the environment — both locally and globally. We take great pride in our stewardship to innovate and practice sustainability.

Here’s a few of the ways our commitment is showing up:

  • Earlier this year, we launched EV360, a one-stop-shop for planning and installing planet-friendly EV Charging Stations. From office buildings and retail spaces to hotels and residential properties, we’re helping businesses stay ahead of the EV curve, save a lot of money via incentives, and provide an important service to their most important stakeholders.

  • We have several LEED-certified team members on staff who help us apply LEED requirements to our projects.

  • We regularly work with clients to design environmentally efficient spaces that reduce energy consumption.

  • Our team is constantly monitoring all local, state and federal requirements as they related to sustainable and environmental practices and procedures.

  • Every year we assess the environmental impact of our business operations and set annual goals related to improving sustainable practices.

  • We give every team member a free day off each year to volunteer to the environmental cause or organization of their choosing.

We don’t just create beautiful spaces. We help create a better world.


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