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Reenergize the Workplace for the Summertime Reopening

California is set to fully reopen on June 15. With a strong economy, more than 124 million Americans fully vaccinated and 276 million more on the way, the lift in restrictions is a welcome announcement just in time for summer.

But in the past year, a lot has changed in how we socialize and work, and Casco’s team of designers, project managers and contractors have done R&D due diligence on office trends to upgrade and reenergize your workspace.

“Let’s face it. We live in a New Normal. Things are not what they used to be, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing,” says Casco CEO Cheryl Osborn. “For Casco, this is an exciting time full of innovation, creativity and good old-fashioned know-how.”

The future of office space is focused on collaboration and creativity, whether at a desk, conference room or outdoor space.

Reenergizing Indoor Space

Reenergizing your office means creating a welcoming environment where employees feel both safe and excited to work. It’s important to analyze your existing space to implement changes that can be made immediately as employees begin to return, while identifying longer-term projects that need building and electrical permits. Reinventing the workplace also includes a look at your overall footprint, which may need to accommodate for growth or reduction of your onsite workforce.

This holistic approach fosters a culture of confidence for both in-person and virtual meetings.

Introducing or Upgrading Outdoor Space

Outdoor workspaces not only provide fresh air and open space, they’re also the best way to take advantage of the Southern Californian weather. Using weatherproof and durable materials helps transform rooftops, courtyards and parking lots into inspiring and adaptable workspaces with wi-fi, power supply, comfortable seating and AV technology.

“If it can be imagined, then we can design it and make it,” Osborn says, “and there’s no need to choose between style and functionality.”

Going Green with EV Charging Stations

Future-proofing your business also includes infusing greener design and utility, such as charging stations for electronic vehicles. Casco is a one-stop shop for EV needs from acquiring permits to construction and installation. This begins with a comprehensive onsite assessment, followed by functional and aesthetically pleasing design, then installation. The entire process is quick and easy.

“We’ve all been safe at home, but it’s time to come back to work,” Osborn says. “It’s time to be together, collaborate and be creative. It’s time to make this new normal better than the old normal.”

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