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The Hybrid Workspace is Here to Stay

When it comes to employee wellness and satisfaction, we learned two things from the pandemic. People like working from home, but they also miss social interactions and collaborating with peers.

A recent Microsoft and LinkedIn work trend survey of 30,000 people in 31 countries found that “Employees want the best of both worlds.” More than 70% of workers want the flexibility to work from home, while 65% crave more in-person time with their teams. What does this mean for organizations across all industries and geographic locations?

The hybrid workspace is here to stay.

Spaces That Inspire

The talent landscape is forever changed by flexible work options. Employees have new expectations at work — and home — that require innovative approaches to hiring and retaining teams. As a building owner, property manager, C-suite member, HR specialist, or facilities manager we need to rethink the spaces in which people work.

The perks of working from home include less commuting, more time with family, and increased productivity. But there are some challenges too: siloed work, feelings of isolation, digital exhaustion, cybersecurity issues, and work-life balance. One of the best ways to boost employee wellness and satisfaction is to create healthy, inspiring, and motivating spaces for those days in the office.

Research shows that quality workplace design reduces stress and increases productivity. An overwhelming 87% of employees said they want healthier workspace benefits such as wellness rooms, fitness programs, standing desks, ergonomic seating, natural light, and fresh air. So how do you pair the comforts of home with a vibrant, healthy workspace? Resimercial design is a good place to start.

Resimercial Design

As people return to the work, many businesses are enhancing the employee experience through workplace design. Cubicles are long gone in favor of more welcoming space that infuses the essence of home. The mixing of residential and commercial space is called resimercial design. Also known as “respitality” (residential meets hospitality) these open areas offer comfortable seating, natural light and fresh air to improve creativity, productivity, and camaraderie. Resimercial space also allows for better physical flow and safe social distancing.

Attractive, comfortable and safe workspace is not only a hiring incentive, it’s also an expected amenity. Companies vying for top talent are finding ways to transform work environments into open-air spaces. More and more organizations offer rooftop or balconies for socializing, eating, exercising, and hot desking, so designing an “office oasis” for 2021 and beyond is no longer a far-fetched idea.

Quality Connectivity and Top Tech

As businesses navigate flexible workspace, it’s critical to install the right technology to facilitate remote collaboration with onsite employees. Investing in top-quality hardware and IT infrastructure ensures that your teams remain productive and connected, regardless of working in the office, at home, or from another remote location. Be smart when considering video conferencing technology and networking hard and software. Quality connectivity, secure networks and clear video conferencing bring teams together for more productive work.

Ready to reenergize your office space or select a new building? Casco Contractors and Design Studio are here to help inspire and motivate your returning teams.

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