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In 2000, new mom Cheryl Osborn founded Casco Contractors from her kitchen table. With big ideas, an entrepreneurial spirit and a determination to create something big, Cheryl started winning business. Twenty years later, the company has grown into one of Southern California’s top tenant improvement companies and was recently named the 6th largest female-run business in Orange County.


“From the start we did things differently, putting a priority on being more communicative and more transparent about schedules,” Cheryl says. “We made sure we were always on time and understood that change orders were a problem for clients. This was unheard of back then.”


Since the early days, Casco has been committed to a singular goal: Create high-quality spaces and finish on time and on budget. To help achieve this ambitious goal, Cheryl created the trademarked “Countdown to Zero” approach, an incentive-based program that rewards teams for being in constant communication with clients and subcontractors, completing a walk-through with all parties, and turning over the project with zero items remaining on the punch list.

"We don’t necessarily change the world.

We create the spaces where other people do."

— Cheryl Osborn, CEO Casco Contractors

“Casco constantly strives to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations,” says Casco Chief Operating Officer Justin Park.“ Countdown to Zero gets the whole team on board with everyone working to get projects as close to perfect as possible.”


Using the Countdown to Zero approach, Casco has completed more than 3,000 projects with increased customer satisfaction and a 90% rate of repeat business.

Another differentiator: The Casco Design Studio, launched in 2002, allows us to take a Design-Build approach to projects. Through close collaboration between the design and construction teams at every step of a project, clients see savings in both time and money.

Cheryl Osborn Casco Contractors
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Orange County design build and commerical tenant improvement
Orange County design build and commerical tenant improvement
Orange County design build and commerical tenant improvement

“Casco is one of the only companies in Southern California where design and construction are housed under one roof,” Cheryl says.  “A one-stop-shop approach simplifies the entire process—from initial plans to final construction. Working as one team reduces confusion and enhances clear communication for powerful results.”


As Casco heads into its 21st year, the company continues to innovate. When COVID-19 hit Southern California in early 2020, Casco quickly responded with a Back to Work initiative focused on making workplaces safer and healthier for when employees returned.


With every project, Casco prides itself in partnering with our clients to turn their vision into a reality. “We don’t necessarily change the world,” Cheryl says. “But we create the spaces where other people do.”

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