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El & El Wood Products
Location: Chino, CA

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El & El Wood Products needed a new facility to keep up with their growing demand as one of the largest distributors of mouldings and millwork products in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.


The project included a concrete structural slab and wood structural framing for the 280,000 SF industrial warehouse. A dust collection system, 2,700 ft. compressed airline system, and 75 compressed air drops were installed to ensure clean air quality throughout the facility. Intricate electrical needs were required to power automated equipment for painting booths and various milling stations. Additional features included a mezzanine storage area and office for onsite staff.

Project Type: Millwork Manufacturing & Distribution Facility

Project Size: 280,000 SF

Architect: Whitee Malcolm

Address: 9129 Remington Avenue, Chino, CA 


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