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Casco Contractors: Building the Future

A self-proclaimed “Huge believer that things need to be done right the first time,” Casco Contractors Founder and President Cheryl Osborn demands excellence and has “no tolerance for mediocrity.” With a values-based approach to business and leadership, clients working with Casco get a level of service, integrity and quality that far surpasses the norm. That’s how this woman-founded and woman-owned company has exceled in a male-dominated industry for 22 years.

“My father taught me about integrity and hard work,” Osborn said. “And the fact that companies perform better when they’re families, and you treat people well.”

One of Osborn’s most cherished memories is driving around Orange County as a girl with her father pointing out buildings he had worked on or built. “I want to leave that legacy with my children and my grandchildren.”

Casco Contractor’s impressive portfolio includes, Chipotle’s headquarters, Make-a-Wish Foundation, El Pollo Loco headquarters, numerous Spaces throughout Southern Calfornia, KBS Realty, Next VR, Green Street, Hueston Hennigan and many other law offices, medical centers, office buildings, finance and education institutions, as well as retail and restaurant spaces across Southern California.

“This is my community, and I take an immense amount of pride in being part of building it,” Osborn said.

Watch the video about Osborn’s leadership legacy and learn how she grew her business from a laptop on her kitchen table to a construction company, full-service design studio and California’s go-to partner for EV 360 charging stations.

“My life story is about building. Building a family. Building buildings, and building space,” she said. "If we're going to build a future that no one has seen, it's going to take someone who has seen what others miss."


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