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Creating a New Trade School for Aspiring Construction Workers

Casco Contractors recently completed work on a new trade school in Riverside, California for Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC), a national trade association. The 16-week, 40,000 SF project was a complete rebuild on two floors and included new classrooms, conference rooms, break rooms, restrooms and more.

The new trade school will host a variety of training opportunities in the construction realm, including programs focused on mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Students at the school will develop skills needed to have successful, sustainable careers in construction. This project was a meaningful opportunity to build a place of learning for future generations in the construction industry.

As the general contractor for the project, Casco specifically sought out subcontractors who were members of ABC. “We wanted to hire subcontractors who understood how this new school would be utilized for the constantly evolving construction industry,” said Casco Chief Operating Officer Karl Sandman. “That was really important to us.”

Like most industries, supply chain issues have had a major impact on construction. “We stayed on top of any cost escalation and procurement issues through detailed planning and ongoing communication with the owner,” Sandman said. “They understood exactly what was happening on the project at all times.”

Sandman says clients benefit from having their full project team in place from day one. “We name the superintendent, project management and all support staff early on so that the team working on the initial budgets and planning is the same team that sees the project through to completion,” he said.

“When you decide to go with Casco, you’re going to get early onboarding, a clear understanding of time frames and budgets, and a team that works with you through the whole process so you get a project as successful as ABC.”


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