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Casco Partners with Laura’s House to Help End Domestic Violence in Southern California

At Casco Contractors and Design Studio, we pride ourselves on the extraordinary spaces we create for businesses in Southern California. We go above and beyond to bring to life customized, state-of-the-art offices that are functional and comfortable, keep us safe and healthy, and inspire us.

But we also want to create spaces that protect, nurture, and support our community. For the past 4 years we have been working with Laura’s House as they support men, women, and children suffering from domestic violence. Since 1994, this amazing non-profit has provided shelter and critical services to more than 5,000 abused women, men and children as well as counseling, life skills education, and legal advocacy to more than 55,000 persons.

“Our partnership with Casco Contractors has allowed us to update and expand our facilities to better serve the nearly 1 million residents of Orange County,” says Margaret Bayston, CEO of Laura’s House.

Shockingly, the COVID-10 stay-at-home orders resulted in a dramatic 40% increase in calls to Laura’s House 24-Hour Crisis Hotline and a 20% increase in domestic violence calls to the Orange County Sheriff’s department.

Even through these uncertain times, Laura’s House remains committed to protecting the most vulnerable families of Orange County. Together our partnership will continue to expand and update their facilities to serve the nearly 1 million residents of Orange County.

Laura’s House, in partnership with Casco, is excited to announce a new campaign: 33 JOURNEY.

As part of the campaign, Casco will lead the design and construction of a vibrant new space that will allow Laura’s House to dramatically increase the number of people it serves.

“Casco is taking a stance against the tragic increase in domestic violence cases by ensuring Laura’s House is able to best serve Orange County’s most vulnerable,” says Casco CEO Cheryl Osborn. “We’re proud to be helping them create a welcoming space that will provide a nourishing environment for support, healing, and empowerment.”

Together we are working toward a future free of domestic violence. Learn more


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