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Major Investments in EV Infrastructure Create New Opportunities for SoCal Businesses

In a “historic investment” in the nation’s infrastructure, President Biden announced a $1 trillion plan to improve roads and bridges, public transit, passenger and freight rail, and airports, among other things. It also touts the first major financial package for electric vehicles (EV) — $7.5 billion.

Funds earmarked for EV infrastructure include charging stations, which are critical to accelerating the use of EVs and curbing climate change, the administration says. A whooping $5 billion will purchase electric school buses and hybrids to reduce reliance on diesel fuel.

At the state level, these funds will help develop charging networks across communities, including rural, disadvantaged and hard-to-reach areas. With the law officially passed, states are eagerly putting plans into place to tap into these federal investments.

How EV360 Can Help

Casco EV360 is California’s go-to partner for EV charging station needs. Our team of EV experts handle everything:

  • Applying for incentives

  • Assessing your location

  • Managing permits

  • Designing the perfect charging station

  • Installing hardware and software

  • Plugging in!

Installing EV charging stations demonstrates leadership in adopting advanced technologies, social responsibility and millennial support. Learn how EV360 and EV charging station installations can help you improve business, raise profits, save energy and increase engagement and retention.


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