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Make Coming Back to the Office a Perk with Inspiring Spaces

Designing amazing spaces through a tenant improvement project is one of the best ways to motivate the office return, boost employee morale, and strengthen collaboration. Research shows that quality workplace design reduces stress and increases productivity. An overwhelming 87% of employees say they want healthier workspaces that include open collaboration, wellness rooms, standing desks, ergonomic seating, natural light, and fresh air.

As we approach 2022, we know that hybrid work is here to stay. But we also know in-person collaboration is priceless. A Microsoft and LinkedIn work trend survey of 30,000 people in 31 countries found that “Employees want the best of both worlds.” More than 70% of workers want the flexibility to work from home, while 65% crave more in-person time with their teams.

As people blend time at home with time in the office it’s critical that inspiring spaces drive the in-office employee experience. Turn your office into a perk that helps build in-person collaboration and camaraderie, resets work-life boundaries, and reestablishes company culture.


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