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Re-Envisioning Office Space and the Employee Experience

Office space is experiencing the most transformative era in the past 25 years. COVID-19 has accelerated advancements in technology, company culture and office design, while exposing new vulnerabilities and old inefficiencies. In the New Normal, building owners and managers have the unique opportunity to re-envision the future of workspace to better engage, connect and inspire both onsite and remote teams.

Here are the top three trends to increase workplace satisfaction and productivity in the New Normal:

1. Promote a company culture of flexibility, wellness and sustainability

Make your office a destination of choice. Establish and embody a company culture that empowers productivity and employee satisfaction:

2. Focus on the employee experience

With more companies extending work from home and flex work policies, there is less emphasis on how much office space is managed and more on how much value is delivered to employees. This means offering greater comfort, more digital amenities and customizable experiences:

  • Utilize self-service apps and devices that ease building access, book conference rooms, submit maintenance requests and control lighting, heating, etc.

  • Reconfigure space for social distancing

  • Implement hoteling or hot-desking for changeable work areas versus permanent workstations

  • Select lighting to enhance mood and productivity; incorporate natural light

  • Install IoT sensors to manage workplace flow and activity

  • Improve Wi-Fi and digital infrastructures; ensure conferencing and video technology can support both remote and onsite teams

  • Prioritize touchless entry and speech recognition technology

3. Utilize smart building data and analytics

2020 was the turning point in smart building adoption. A number of pandemic-driven modifications resulted in smart space acceleration (e.g., touchless elevators, anonymous presence detectors and vital sign monitoring). It’s uncertain how many changes are permanent or temporary, but data’s role has become clear: Analytics will continue to drive employee productivity, safety and satisfaction. Are you tracking and ready to leverage smart building data? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

As the workforce acclimates to the New Normal, Casco Contractors and Design Studio can guide you in tenant improvements to maximize employee productivity and satisfaction without sacrificing quality of design in your workplace.


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