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Restoring Southern California Warehouses for Today's Demands: An Industrial Buildout for Sunrun

In the busy landscape of Southern California industrial, the demand for efficient storage and distribution facilities is at an all-time high. Casco Contractor's recent project with Sunrun is a testament to the evolving nature of industrial build-outs. Sunrun, a leading solar energy solutions provider, sought to revamp a cold storage warehouse into a modern facility that seamlessly blends office spaces with advanced storage and distribution solutions.

The Details

Location: Irvine, CA

Project Type: Warehouse & Office

Project Size: 40,440 SF

Architect: DKY Architects

Construction Manager: Task PM

Modern Features for Today's World

The project addressed critical elements for a contemporary industrial setting—premium office and restroom finishes, upgraded electrical and HVAC systems, and optimized warehouse layout. It went beyond the basics, incorporating added site work to enhance functionality and accessibility, such as parking lot adjustments and ramps.

warehouse racking with sprinkler system

Innovative Solutions for Safety and Compliance

A standout feature of the buildout was the installation of an advanced fire suppression system with in-rack sprinklers and smoke vents.

Meeting Client Needs

Sunrun's vision included not only premium office finishes but also customized layouts to accommodate their appliances, equipment, and furniture within their unique footprint. Phasing the construction ensured that the facility met immediate operational needs without disrupting ongoing processes.

office area

Southern California's Industrial Evolution:

The Sunrun project exemplifies the evolution of industrial spaces in Southern California, adapting to the demands of today's storage and distribution needs. The added site work, attention to safety, and innovative solutions position the facility as a model for modern industrial build-outs in the region.

As we continue to take part in the evolution of Southern California's industrial landscape, the Sunrun Warehouse and Office Buildout serves as a beacon of innovation and adaptability. The project not only met but exceeded the high standards of contemporary storage and distribution in our region.

About Casco Contractors

Casco Contractors is Southern California's leading general contractor specializing in tenant improvements, building repositions, design-build delivery, exterior upgrades, and EV Charger installation. Woman-founded and woman-owned, Casco has earned a reputation for innovation, impeccable customer service and deep industry knowledge. Learn more about Casco Contractors.

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