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Six Questions to Ask About Your Building

As we all head back into work, businesses will want to provide the safest, healthiest environment for their teams. Here are six questions to ask yourself about your building as you think about ways to improve your workspace.

1. Can Employees See a Window Line?

Traditionally, private offices were built along the window line with workstations placed in the center with no outside view. A modern approach relocates the majority of workers and open workstations along the window line. This redesign can enhance productivity, aesthetics, morale and other wellness benefits.

2. Do Restrooms Have Touchless Fixtures?

Smart, hands-off technology is clean and convenient. Automatic faucets and flush valves do not require contact and help maintain a sanitary space. These features are good for people and the planet.

3. Are Doors Equipped with Hold-Opens and Door Sensors?

Door handles can be a big danger spot for germs. Adding auto sensors and hold-open features can completely eliminate the need to touch handles. They also add a new level of convenience.

4. How Does Your HVAC Circulate?

A first-class HVAC system is paramount for a healthy office atmosphere. Efficient heating, cooling and air circulation affects the comfort level of employees and customers. Certify that your building’s HVAC is in top condition and remodeled when you renovate the workplace. Facilitate purified air with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters which capture pollutants and trap 99.97 percent of particles.

5. Does the Building Have Operable Windows?

Windows that open increase airflow the old-fashioned way. Inviting outside air into the building can refresh the space and has been shown to relieve stress, reduce tension and improve job performance.

6. What is Your Janitorial Crew’s Protocol?

A proficient janitorial crew can safeguard your workplace with regular and thorough cleaning. Make sure they are following current CDC protocols, ensure they’re using approved disinfectants and tools, and regularly review guidelines with the crew.

Need help with any of these areas? The Casco team will be happy to discuss your situation and help you come up with the right action plan for a safer, healthier workplace.

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