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Six Top Trends for “Resimercial” Design

In 2020, COVID-19 gave us all a crash course in working from home. We all learned how to Zoom in our more comfortable clothes (while maintaining a professional appearance of course), tackle important projects around the kitchen table and find inspiration while our favorite music was playing in the background.

Now, as many businesses reopen their offices, they’re trying to recreate that essence of home in the workplace. Enter: Resimercial — an exciting design trend that blends the best of residential and commercial. Its advocates say this trend, sometimes called respitality (residential meets hospitality), can boost creativity, productivity and camaraderie.

“Due to COVID-19, many businesses are making working in the office optional,” says Casco Contractors and Design Studio CEO Cheryl Osborn. “They’re making sure the offices are as safe and healthy as possible, but they’re also putting in extra effort to make them feel a little more like home.”

The following are six resimercial design trends we’ve been implementing.

Form and Function

Mix the comforts of home with workplace efficiency and colleague collaboration. Arrange open spaces with social distance-friendly living room style furniture versus standard office furniture. Comfortable seating and intimate vignettes invite employees to relax and think outside the cubicle. Select a variety of furniture that is durable and delightful so it looks and feels good. Add accent pillows to create a warmer feel using antimicrobial fabrics.

Artful Additions

Accessorize with more. Be bold with colors and patterns; bright hues are cheerful and stimulate the brain. Place area rugs to soften hard surfaces. Play calming, chill music and lightly energetic melodies when appropriate. Grace walls with interesting artwork. In an article for Medium, Donald, M. Rattner, renowned architect and author, shares a CapitolOne Workplace Design Survey that ranked artwork and creative imagery high on the list for motivating employees.

Light and Bright

Open a window to the world. Work with your building’s architecture—position respitality areas along the window line. Natural light does wonders for effective performance. Frame windows with drapes or elegant shades to mirror home-like decor. Say no to standard office fluorescent lighting. Say yes to lamps, warm-colored bulbs and pendant lighting instead of standard 2’x2’ or 2’x4’ lighting. An open ceiling design encourages lofty ideas.

Open Cafés

Outdated break rooms make way for open cafés. These multi-use spaces are larger than their predecessors and boast an open concept layout for social distancing. Centrally locate additional coffee bars and snack areas to sustain your team. Install TVs to broadcast smart programming. Replace stale cabinets with open, organized shelves. Provide antibacterial gel and wipes to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Collaborative (and social distance approved) seating and table formations welcome places to nourish the mind and body—as well as host casual client meetings or team gatherings.

Relaxation Rooms

Mental and physical wellness are essential for employee productivity and job satisfaction. The right workplace environment can encourage overall wellness. According to ample research, naps are good for you and business. Savvy companies from The Huffington Post to Google to Nasa advocate the benefits of a 20-minute siesta during the day. Provide nap or quiet rooms where employees can rest and rejuvenate.


Everyone works differently, give your employees options where they can thrive. Optimize workplaces for unique assignments or different departments. A file, stock or neglected room may be transformed into a loungebrary. It’s the best of both worlds—a lounge and a library. Create a library-like haven with cushy chairs for reading or relaxing. Adorn coffee tables with books that inspire and educate. Adapt this space to a lounge when suitable for games and events.

In today’s world, professional life and social life are often intermingled. Companies can provide attractive social spaces where employees work on laptops or brainstorm with their peers. Introducing a resimercial style can motivate your team and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Ready to reenergize your workplace? Our design and contractor teams are ready to help. Connect with us today for a consultation.


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