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Five Questions with Director of EV Operations Matt Moser

In late August, Matt Moser joined the Casco team as Director of EV Operations. In this new role, he brings 27 years of diverse construction experience to Casco’s fast-growing EV360 division. Matt has a passion for complex projects, developing efficiencies and uncovering innovative solutions — making him the perfect leader for our EV initiatives.

EV Charging in Car

We sat down with Matt to discuss his vision for Casco EV 360, the burgeoning EV landscape and more.

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What’s your top priority as Casco’s new Director of EV Operations?

Over the last 22 years, Casco Contractors has earned a reputation throughout Southern California for its commitment to quality, service and innovation. We want to bring that same mentality to EV360, earning our spot as the region’s #1 expert on the entire EV ecosystem.

How is Casco helping Southern California prepare for the 2035 regulation mandating 100% new zero-emission vehicles?

While 2035 may sound like a long time away, municipalities, businesses and other entities are all preparing for it. We have a full team working in our EV operations and are actively engaged in projects of all sizes, including a huge multi-year EV initiative with the City of Irvine as well as projects of all sizes in Los Angeles and San Diego. We’re excited to be a leader in the EV movement and our state’s commitment to clean energy.

Why is it a smart move for businesses to add EV Charging Stations to their offices?

Frankly, it’s just good business. People want to work for companies that “walk the talk” when it comes to caring about the environment. It’s also a great perk for employee retention and attracting new hires. With so many car companies shifting to electric, having on-site EV charging stations is going to be expected for virtually every business eventually.

How is Casco EV 360 different?

Our name says it — we take a 360-degree approach with our clients, working closely with them every step of the way from initial inquiries and planning through permitting and code compliance and all the way to installation and the first charge. And we do all of this with our in-house team, which is different from most other EV companies. We bring all of Casco Contractors’ systems, technologies and other resources to every EV project, building trust and ensuring every project meets our clients’ goals and expectations.

Finally, when you’re not immersed in Casco projects, what are you likely to be found doing?

I’m always tackling home projects, whether it’s woodworking or building something. I love a challenge, the methodical process and all the tools that are used when building something. I’ve been that way ever since I was a child learning from my grandfather.

Matt lives in Huntington Beach with his wife, 14-year-old son, 12-year-old daughter and two dogs. He can be reached at

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