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The Stories that Shaped 2022 — and Will Continue to Define 2023

It was a year defined by the return to normal — but a new normal, by most accounts.

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After 2020’s complete pandemic shutdown and the slow return to the office in 2021, 2022 saw more and more businesses and organizations embracing a hybrid work philosophy. Remote work is certainly here to stay, but time in the office has become even more important for building high-performing teams and creating thriving cultures.

At Casco, it was a big year. We grew our teams, adding new positions in all three divisions: Casco Contractors, Casco Design Studio and EV360. We also expanded our reach, with a special emphasis on San Diego. We’ve always been committed to delivering the best, highest-quality results for our diverse clients, but with almost 23 years under our belt, we’re doing some of our best work yet.

Here are some of the top stories that shaped the past year — and the trends that will undoubtedly color the year ahead.

Office Kitchen

Making Your Office a Perk

The “Great Resignation” and an ongoing talent shortage inspired many businesses to invest in making their office space, upgrading it to reflect a changing workforce. We continue to see businesses adding more areas for collaboration, upgrading their kitchens and breakrooms, transforming their outdoor spaces into work areas, and other creative ways to make coming into the office more attractive.

We saw a continued rise in “resimercial design” — the blending of residential and commercial space to recreate some of the perks of working from home. This includes more living-room like gathering areas, an increase in natural light and fresh air, and fully functional kitchens.

Resource-Friendly Approach

With so many unknowns around the economy, businesses throughout Southern California are being especially watchful of their investments. We’re seeing increased interest in our Design-Build approach, where the design and construction teams are housed under one roof.

This one-stop-shop approach simplifies the entire process—from initial plans to final construction. Working as one team reduces confusion and enhances clear communication for dynamic results for our clients.

Designers and builders collaborate to define and meet budgets, allowing realistic pricing up front. Likewise, the unified team shares information readily, which helps avoid costly delays common in many traditional build plans.

The Continued Rise of EV

Soaring gas prices coupled with incentives and California mandates have put electric vehicles on everyone’s radar. Many companies recognize that having on-property EV Charging Stations is a great perk for their employees (and potential new hires) and an important symbol of a business’ commitment to sustainability.

“With so many car companies shifting to electric, having on-site EV charging stations is going to be expected for virtually every business eventually,” said Casco’s Director of EV Operations Matt Moser.

EV Charging

Casco now has a full team working in our EV operations and are actively engaged in projects of all sizes, including a huge multi-year EV initiative with the City of Irvine as well as projects of all sizes in Los Angeles and San Diego.

“We’re excited to be a leader in the EV movement and our state’s commitment to clean energy,” Moser said.

Considering how to refresh your space and bring value-add amenities for your employees in the new year? Casco’s team of design and construction experts can help you bring your vision to life. Let’s get started!


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