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Meetings Reenergized with Upgraded Conference Rooms

Hybrid work is paving a new way of life. Employees are empowered to care for their families, prioritize wellness, and achieve work-life balance. Blending work from home (WFH) with work in the office brings much opportunity to revitalize office space for greater collaboration, professional development, and camaraderie.

Your conference room has become a new centerpiece for inspired collaboration.

Gone are the days of florescent lighting, unsightly phone cords and boring décor. The future of workspace is to better engage, connect and inspire both onsite and remote teams. Conference rooms now require innovative approaches to collaboration technology and social distancing.

For the past 18 months, Casco has been revitalizing conference rooms as an office perk—a reason your team WANTS to return, reconnect and rebuild relationships. Our team has kept pace with the accelerated advancements in technology, company culture and flex space spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out our Conference Room Portfolio and learn how we’ve:

  • reconfigured meeting space for social distancing

  • incorporated natural light and fresh air ventilation

  • leveraged technology to manage workplace flow and building access

  • improved Wi-Fi and digital infrastructures

  • blended casual, sophisticated, and modern design elements for professional, yet intimate atmospheres

  • ensured conferencing and video technology supports both remote and onsite teams

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